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These pages contain links to just a few of the ministries that have impacted me or are related to BuildingChurch.net viewers' areas of interest. The list continues to grow, so check back again sometime.


      Journey Church is a young church in Auburn, Alabama. Journey was launched in August 2006. Journey Church was planted to help reach the Auburn community and to help transform ordinary people into passionate Christ followers.

LBC Window Lakeview Baptist Church
      Lakeview is the church where I served as a pastoral intern. Lakeview is an incredibly healthy church in Auburn, AL. Under the direction of Pastor Al Jackson, Lakeview has become a model of missions-minded churches. The Seminary/Internship program is also unique to Lakeview, and I have been blessed to be a part of it.

LCM logo Lakeview College Ministry
      This is a direct link to the on-campus site of Lakeview's College Ministry. Under the direction of Cliff Knight, this ministry has been extremely effective in training college students, and sending many into full-time Christian service, both in the United States and beyond.

SBTS logo The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
      Thanks to the visionary leadership of Dr. Al Jackson and the professors at SBTS, this is the seminary that the Lakeview interns attend by extension. Much of the materials on BuildingChurch.net are a direct result of the author's education at the Billy Graham School of Missions, Evangelism, and Church Growth at SBTS.

      "A guiding light in the darkness," NorthStar is a young church in Ijamsville/New Market/Monrovia, Maryland. NorthStar is a community dedicated to following the teachings of Jesus Christ. We invite you to explore how a relationship with Jesus will give you peace in your life. At NorthStar we will provide you with a loving environment free of judgment. The teaching will be relevent to your everyday life. Our community is made up of people who are commited to one another and who enjoy meeting new people.

SBC logo The Southern Baptist Convention
      This link will take you to the main home page of the Southern Baptist Convention, with links to several of the SBC entities.

ACF logo Auburn Christian Fellowship
      ACF is a non-denominational campus ministry in Auburn, AL. Under the direction of Perry Rubin, the ministry experienced amazing growth throughout the mid-to-late nineties.

Cybersitter Internet Filtering Software
      I have tested several of the best-known internet filtering software packages. Cybersitter is by far the best--especially if your children are more computer-savvy than you are. Most filtering software makes itself known when a blocked site is clicked on, this package simply blocks the site as though it does not exist. Cybersitter has features that can make it 100% stealth. Most filtering software can easily be crashed. I know of no way to crack the newest version of Cybersitter. PC Magazine agrees: "If you want the absolute best parental filtering available, we recommend Cybersitter." (From 2004 review) 5-time winner of Editors' Choice Award!


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