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About BuildingChurch Ministries
Our mission and purpose.

Mission Statement: BuildingChurch Ministries is dedicated to helping Christians and churches around the world become healthier and more vibrant by instructing believers how to love God more through fulfilling God's call to ministry in their individual lives, that God might be glorified. This is accomplished by leading Christians into genuine worship, spirit-led prayer, evangelism, radical Christian living, and communicating truth, which results in intimate fellowship within the local church.

Mission Expounded: The priority for BuildingChurch Ministries is worship. However, everything believers do in service to God should be an act of worship (Rom 12:1). Romans 12 is the basis for incorporating the rest of the Christian life into worship. Therefore, it is essential that every believer practices daily spiritual disciplines. It is also essential that each individual Christian discovers his or her spiritual gifts, talents, etc. in order to have a clear understanding of the particular area of service for which God has called them (1 Cor 12:1). The Church is repeatedly described as the body of Christ . . . each member has a specific function in ministry. If any member fails to perform his or her function, the whole body suffers (1 Cor 12:12-31).

Finally, the ultimate end of all service is world evangelization (Matt 28:19-20). Since man was created to glorify (worship) God, our task is to direct others into a relationship with God (Matt 5:16; 1 Peter 2:12), for they can not adequately worship a God they do not know (Acts 17:23). We must be actively involved in our communities--building relationships in order to lead people into a relationship with God.


Purpose: BuildingChurch.net is the primary ministry arm of BuildingChurch Ministries. BuildingChurch.net was begun as a way for the members of Lakeview Baptist Church to access the materials related to APK's ministry within that church. Additionally, the vision for a healthy and vibrant church around the world calls for the ease of information transfer, even behind closed doors. The internet is an excellent avenue for such transfer. For information about using BuildingChurch.net material, please review our copyright information.

This site will continue to reflect the nature of APK's ministry wherever God places him. As a result, such organizations will be considered a covering organization for BuildingChurch Ministries.

©2004, BuildingChurch Ministries